Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bark River's Mikro II in 154CM Stainless Steel

Many moons ago, read 12/2003 and 01/2004, Mike Stewart of Bark River Knife & Tool and I collaborated on a knife design that was ultimately dubbed the “Mikro Canadian.” The Mikro Canadian is a small utility knife, designed primarily for EDC. The Mikro Canadian was initially offered in A2 tool steel and it has subsequently been offered in Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel as the Mikro II.

Enter into the collaboration Jason at DLT Trading, who recently orders a special run of the Mikro II in 154CM. A great little knife just became better.

Here’s the specs:

Overall Length: 5.125 inches
Blade Length: 2.19 inches
Cutting Edge Length - 1.775 inches
Blade Steel: 154CM @ 58 RC
Blade Thickness: .120 inches
Weight: 1.375 ounces
Sheath: Sharpshooter Sheath Systems Type F

I’ve been carrying my sample daily for about two months. It has endured some Virginia tidewater fishing, some local woods time scouting for deer, practicing bush craft skills and for routine daily carry in between. It has easily tackled a few Texas Roadhouse steaks, some fish, a bunch of practice traps, some fire building and all of the routine every day chores one would expect of a small knife. I have used it for cutting up countless boxes for recycling, cutting open packages and a host of cable ties in packages. It has opened up another host of those damn plastic bubble theft deterrent packages. Nary a bobble, nary a whimper, the Mikro sailed through every test with flying colors.

With routine stropping after each use, I have so far avoided having it visit my sharpening gear. The little blade will still pop free standing hair.

How did the knife become better, you ask? I can say that, with a whole bunch of years experience with the Mikro in A2 and Mikro II in 12C27, the newest incarnation in 154CM holds an edge nearly as long as A2 and better than 12C27. It resists corrosion better than A2 and nearly as well as 12C27. Not meaning to offend anyone, but, the newest Mikro II in 154CM is the consummate perfect solution to a problem that didn’t exist. I love it! What a great idea!

The Mikro II in 154CM cuts like mad and it cuts like a much larger blade. It easily push cut through woods that were nearly half the blade length thick. I used it a number of times to scallop cut large branches and saplings to effect clean breaks of same. I used it a bunch to whittle out trap parts and to whittle fuzzy sticks for fire building. It’s comfortable to use, even when the cutting is extended or cutting harder material.

To make matters even better, my particular sample arrived with a very crisp, sharp 90 degree spine. I use the spine all the time to scrape tinder nests from natural materials and jute twine. I also use the spine as a scraper for my fire steel. My particular sample of the Mikro II does an awesome job of performing both chores very well.

The Mikro II in 154CM makes a great daily carry knife; whether it rides in your pocket, on your belt or around your neck. The Mikro II also makes a great small knife to piggyback to a larger knife - the small knife taking the brunt of the utility type tasks, saving wear and tear on the larger knife’s edge. It really has proved itself as a solid performer and serious working tool.

Need more info? Contact Bark River Knife and Tool or DLT Trading .


john said...

Nice collection of the knives , i have this type of collection of knives.
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Anonymous said...

Great write up Mike,I dont have one of those and you most probably pushed me over the top with that review.