Monday, March 26, 2007

Care's Tips to Getting Your Significant Other Involved

When I first was introduced to all of this I have to admit I was happy that SgtMike was "amused" and "entertained" by all of this. I was happy because it gave me time to read my books, do my projects or whatever else I wanted to do.Now I am a "girly girl" I like to pamper myself, paint my nails, wear make-up, and I like to have my hair neat and clean. I don't mind getting dirty, I love to garden, but I also love my baths and showers. Now don't get me wrong, I love camping, but never did the "backpacking thing", "take only the essentials" kind of camping. As some of you have seen I haven't packed light. But, I also wanted to do things with SgtMike that he enjoyed. He has had such a great time at PWYP that I decided I might give it a try. The only problem was, it was a long ways away if I decided it wasn't for me. That's when "War" came into play. "War" was my first experience, and I want to thank Marty & Aggie Simon for having such a wonderful weekend for us. I learned many things from the people there and was quite impressed. I actually had a great time. I took in a lot of things and really thought about how they came into play with me. You know what? I had fun! I met wonderful people and learned some great skills. Most importantly, I shared something with SgtMike that he really loved and was surprised at how much I really enjoyed it.I have some knives, some great gear and now some decent skills. However if I was transported to a remote area with just my BOB I have to admit first I'd panic, then I would cry and then I'd get myself together and do what I was taught. Shelter, fire, first aid and water. Prioritize. I may not have the best skills, but I am confident enough to know I'd be able to do all of this.

Now as for your significant others, if you really want them to come and enjoy themselves then lets take a look at what you can do to make their first experience a good one.

1. Let them take what they think they will need. SgtMike shook his head many times at me but always said that as long as I was happy it was ok. Keep in mind, he knew he was going to have to lug most of it. Ladies try not to take the kitchen sink.

2. Talk about the meals you will be making. You can make the stuff at home and freeze it so all you have to do is heat it at camp. Make it simple for her and make sure you help her. Ladies think of meals that you make well and practice cooking them over your grill.

3. If you want her help putting up your tent, give her a lesson at home so she has an idea of how it should go up. Ladies it's always a good idea to know how the tent goes up, if he tics you off you know which stakes to pull out to collapse it on him

4. Let her know what usually goes on at these campouts and what to expect. Ladies pay attention to this, you'll learn a lot.

5. When you get there don't leave her while you go off saying hello to all your friends, include her. Ladies don't be afraid to approach someone and strike up a conversation. Try to meet new people, too.

6. If you know they are going to have different competitions going on, let her know what they are and give her a few lessons. She won't join if she's not confident about it. (Hey she could be another "Ace-Shot Kathy!") Ladies it's all about having fun. Join in the fun, try different things. Kathy joined in the air gun competition and won...she hadn't shot before.

7. Keep in mind that you may have to sacrifice some of "your" time in order to make her time enjoyable. Ladies make an effort to meet new friends so that your guy can have some time with his friends too.

8. See if you can't come up with some competitions that the ladies could do. (If you want them to come no nasty comments!) Ladies what would you like to see made into a competition, or maybe you'd like to be a judge??

9. If you see that she's having a hard time, help her, talk to her, make her feel better. (Tell her about the first time you camped and the mistakes you made) Ladies if you're having a hard time don't pout or give the guy a hard time, make the most of it and know that you don't have to come back. At least give it a chance.

10. Above all, never embarass her or make her feel bad. Encourage her and if it doesn't work out....hey she tried, give her credit! Ladies he'll love you for trying and you'd be surprised at what you actually learn...